Mother's Day Wish List

03 May 2016

Some days it is still hard to believe that I am a Mum...
That I have carried, birthed and now love and care for my own daughters, my very own flesh and blood.

I consider myself to be one very lucky Mum - I have been blessed with these two miracles and each and every day, they remind me that I mean the world to them. And MC makes me feel like the best Mum in the world - always complimenting me, supporting me and telling me that I am doing a good job (even when I am failing dismally!)

In that case, EVERY day feels like Mother's Day for me.
But if I had to be spoilt, these would be on my list...

Mothers Day Wish List

1. Flowers, flowers and more flowers.

2. Fitbit Charger. Don't laugh - mine burnt in our fire and now I cannot use my Fitbit, so frustrating!!!

3. Gold office accessories. Obsessed!

4. Converse sneakers. I love a classic white takkie.

5. Oyster Box Spa Voucher. You can never have too many vouchers for this little slice of heaven.

6. Ipad Mini Air. My iPad recently had it's screen smashed and I read all my books and magazines online...

7. Rose Gold Pendant. I would love a personal sentiment with my girls initials, and anything rose gold.

You can never give too many hints, can you?
Happy Tuesday!

Five on Friday

29 April 2016

It's been a while since I have shown my face around here on a Friday.

It's good to be back with these favourite Friday ladies:
Five on Friday with Christina
Oh Hey Friday! with Karli

Five on Friday - Randoms

1. Midlands. We are going away this weekend to enjoy some quality family time in the Midlands. Cool fresh air, the rolling green hills and just the four of us is just what we need after the hectic and crazy few weeks we have had!

2. Four under four. This past weekend, we babysat our niece and nephew for the weekend. Two nights and three days of four kids under four. SJ is four and EN two and then our niece FR is 18 months and our nephew LE is 4 months. It was a full and busy house but awesome bonding time with the cousins.

3. SJ turned FOUR. Last week, our big girl celebrated her fourth birthday! How is it possible that we have a big girl, a four year old who is smart and sassy and so self-sufficient and independent? Stay tuned for party posts coming soon. 

4. EN turns TWO next week. Another birthday in the house and another baby that is now a big girl. Our baby girl is slowly making the transition into big school, potty training, less bottles and into a big girl room and bed. No more baby in the house.

5. LuluPop is live online. My little business has gone online. I officially launched the LuluPop website this week and I am very proud. A huge thank you to for her website design and expertise - a wonderful working experience. Let me know what you think?

A whole lot of ramblings today.
Happy long weekend!

Mauritius 2016

28 April 2016

It is no secret around here that as a family, Mauritius is our favourite holiday destination.
We have been lucky enough to visit Mauritius almost every year - we went as a dating couple, newly engaged, newly married, pregnant, with SJ and pregnant and now twice with both our girls. And we just keep going back - is there anything better than sandy white beaches, crystal blue waters, fun activities, a delicious buffet and restaurants, unlimited ice-cream and hot sun every day?!
No, there definitely isn't!

So this past Easter, our precious family of four headed off to the island for a week of rest and relaxation - and we didn't want to leave. We stayed at the LUX Belle Mare hotel and it was amazing.

We spent lazy mornings in our big bed, tasty breakfast of fresh fruit before spending the mornings on the beach or at the pool. A poolside lunch from the food truck and non stop ice cream and sorbet lolly visits. We had afternoon naps and the girls loved the fun activities and new friends at the awesome Kids club. We had warm evenings at the buffet with the girls or a date night for just the two of us at the speciality restaurants. 
It was just perfect and we cannot wait to go back.

Coffee Date: Three

18 April 2016

via Pinterest

What better way to welcome myself back to blogging than by inviting you for a cuppa?
And who knows, if I don't make a proper comeback, maybe we will just keeping meeting" for a coffee and catch up every few weeks...

If we were on a coffee date, I would be drinking tea.
Good old English Breakfast/Five Roses tea, with skimmed milk and one white sugar. I am fussy like that. One in the morning and one at night and one when we meet for coffee/tea.

If we were on a coffee date, I would say I have missed you.
You know that feeling that something is missing? When you have one child but would like two? When you put photos on a wall but it doesn't look right? When you devour a tasty meal but still need dessert? I have missed blogging like that. Days and weeks are hectic but I miss this precious space.

If we were on a coffee date, I would ask your opinion.
I am about to launch my small business website that also has a blog. Do I keep blogging here? And there? Or do I merge the two into one, and mix business and personal?

If we were on a coffee date, I would ask how you are?
I have missed all you lovely ladies and I would love you to comment about how you are, how your lives and kids and jobs are? We really need a good catch up!

If we were on a coffee date, I would ask for your accountability.
I need to eat better. I need to go to gym. I need to stay focused. And I need you to please help me... Someone needs to check in on me, probably daily.

If we were on a coffee date, I would be sneaky and ask you to follow along my new business venture (why not use personal to advertise business?)

And then I would promise you that I will be back soon!

Confessional Thursday

25 February 2016

A few weeks ago, I read an exciting post about Jessica and her new Confessions link up. I promised i would get involved and then didn't... So my first confession is:

I am a two weeks late - this was supposed to be posted the first Thursday. Rather late than never!

Bieber's "You should love yourself" is a new fave, and totally doesn't sound like Bieber!

This working mom juggling act is pretty cray cray.

I am launching my new LuluPop business website and blog soon, and now deciding over having a work AND personal blog or merging them into one?

MC is training for The Absa Cape Epic mountain bike race, which is next month and I haven't hated being a cycling widow - I was warned about this being one of the worst "affairs" ever. A month to go and I have survived...

I am Lilly Pulitzer OBSESSED!! Why don't we have a store in South Africa? Why can't I spend my hard earned international currency shopping online? And why do I want one of everything?

I wish we could watch The Bachelor now too. SA is backwards.

We are going to Mauritius in 4 weeks and this body is definitely not bikini-ready. I was in such a good exercise and healthy eating routine and then fell off the wagon!

I haven't give anything up for Lent. Not because I don't want to but I just haven't decided. Any ideas for next year?

It took SIX months to get a car again, and I love it. Definitely worth the wait!

Seeing my bestie's new baby boy yesterday made me VERY broody. A little excited at adding to our family of four, one day...

Do you have any confessions this week?
Join in the fun and link up!

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