30 May 2016

Weekend Ramblings

I don't usually do a weekend recap but there is always a first time...
And why not document the sweet weekend we had?!

Friday was one of those crazy, busy days for me at work. I was let down in a terrible way by a supplier and spent the day running around to try and deliver for a client who had a function on Friday afternoon! Somehow, I managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat and made it all right but not without gaining a few grey hairs! MC had been away on business all week so after bathing the girls and tucking them in for the night - we collapsed on to the couch for an early night of cuddles and The Bachelor. (We also woke up to the news of our picture in the paper from last weeks Sunflower Fund Ball.)

We spent the morning having breakfast together at our favourite, Remo's and then we had a lazy morning at home, riding bikes, playing fantasy in the play room and watching cartoons. At lunchtime, we put the girls down for their nap - I got cozy on our outside couch with a cup of tea and Bobbie Houston's new book, The Sisterhood whilst MC sorted out our new garage. After our fire 8 months ago, we were finally reimbursed for the damages and belongings. We now have a fully equipped garage again with tools, mower,sports and camping equipment and bikes. MC is also working on building us a container for our veggie garden. The girls woke up, they helped Dad in the garage and riding their bikes and then we headed into the Village for an early dinner.

Our Church is currently running a series on "What would the Church say to..." and this week was Justin Bieber - what an incredible sermon by our Pastor Tom - who did a little JB performance too! It is scary how judgemental us Christians can be and how we often think that those they sin are so undeserving of Jesus but who needs Him more than sinners rather then the self-righteous? And so heartwarming to hear how JB is actually a believer and follower of Christ. We enjoyed a yummy lunch with the girls god-parents and our special friends that we haven't seen in ages - a good catch up for the soul. We brought the girls home for their afternoon nap, and we started preparing an early dinner with our families and parents. MC cooked meat on the braai and I prepared a tasty salad and healthy chocolate coconut mousse recipe from my favourite recipe book from Brookdale. And we ended off the evening toasting marshmallows in the boma.

What did you do this weekend?

Thoughts on Baby #3

24 May 2016

via Pinterest

No, I am not pregnant. Yet.
But I am here to just spill the words and feelings into a blog post today...

When are you ready to have your first child?
And your second?
And your third?

These answers will be different for everyone and I try my best to answer them most days. I went through the newly married days of "When are you having a baby?" and my answer was always the same... "When we are ready". In our situation, MC was ready before me and we made the mutual decision and were blessed to be pregnant very soon afterwards. I had always said that I had a two year plan once we were married, but things changed and 18 months into our marriage, our little SJ was born and I wouldn't have it any other way.

And our second?
Well, that was also relatively easy because SJ was a confident, mature and very independent little girl. At just 18 months, we were confident that making her a big sister was a good idea and once again we were blessed to be pregnant. By the time, EN was born, SJ was already two - she had started and settled at a lovely school in the mornings, she was staring to potty train, she had given up her bottles and formula and she was sleeping in a big girl bed. She was also old enough to understand this new real-life doll and accept her and be loving towards her. They are now the best of friends.

But the third?
This is a tough one for me.
EN is a very different little girl - she is clingy and needy in the cutest way, she still has bottles, shows zero signs of being potty trained, hates her big girl bed most nights and does not like to share or be gentle. But there are also so many other factors, how do we fit another car seat into my car? Who juggles two kiddies if I struggle through terrible morning sickness again? Who lifts my precious girls when I cannot drive for six post-surgery? How do I cope with three littles when MC is out of town? How does my new business survive through "maternity" leave?

I have to be honest - I don't think there is ever a 'right' time or a perfect time. And we are truly blessed that we have two little miracles - and we remember this through so many infertility stories, through the possibility of our third time round not being so easy and through two previous miscarriages that could so easily happen again.

In saying that, we said that we would love to try and get pregnant this year and through our faith, we shall wait and see what Jesus has in store for us and our family.

How did you know you were ready for babies? Second, third or fourth?

Book Review: Carnal Innocence

19 May 2016

I had to laugh that the last time I did a book review was over a year ago... If that doesn't sum up this crazy thing called life then I don't know what does! And truth be told, this very book was read on the sandy beaches or warm sun lounger in Mauritius... Holidays are best for reading time!

Carnal Innocence - Nora Roberts

Title: Carnal Innocence

Author: Nora Roberts

Genre: Thriller

Main Characters:
Caroline - a young musician who has suffered a burn out
Tucker Longstreet - a smooth, small town, cotton farmer

A story about a young girl who escapes to her grandparents small town to get away from the stress of life and her uptight parents. She arrives to a town filled with bitterness and anger and a serial killer on the loose - someone is murdering and mitigating young woman. She falls in love with a likely suspect and ends up solving the murders. 

Another goodie that I didn't want to put down. The suspense keeps you going and just like most thrillers, there are many curve balls that leave you second guessing...

Have you read it? What did you think? 
Any book recommendations?

Mothers Day 2016

10 May 2016

"Mothers hold their children hands for a short while, but their hearts forever"

It felt like just the other day that Mother's Day was a day that I went out to buy gifts, I ordered flowers and I spoilt and showered my own Mom, Nan and MIL with love and celebrations. It was all about them. And now for the fourth year, I am the Mom.

That simple statement is pretty powerful and often very overwhelming. It is filled with so many emotions. I am someones Mum - in fact, I am Mum to TWO 'someones'... I am the body that conceived them, that grew and developed them, that gave birth to them and gave them life by bringing them into this world. I am a half of the whole that made the decision that they should join this world, this family and our hearts.

On some days, I am so proud of that and I can comprehend it all because I am in control and I have my sh** together but on other days, it completely consumes me and I doubt myself and my ability through every second of the day. I sit and pray for the now and for the future - I pray for strength and guidance, patience and kindness, love and understanding. I pray for these traits and qualities to get me through the mundane but often chaotic tasks of meal times, changing times, childhood phases, tantrums, sleep (or lack of!) and illness. But most of all, I pray for faith. Faith that He knows best.

This weekend, I said a giant prayer of thanks and gratitude. I said thank you to our Lord for making me a Mom, for allowing me to give life to these two little miracle blessings. I said thank you for the special little girls that they have become and that I have been able to be their Mum to the best of my ability. I said a prayer of thanks and gave myself a high five for the Mum that I have been, and that I am - I am grateful that my girls have overcome all health obstacles, that they have a roof over their heads, schools to educate them and an army of people around them that love and adore them. And I am proud that they love to engage with people, that they have good manners, that they have a healthy relationship with food and sleep, that they are kind and considerate to other children and that they respect their elders, and that they have the most incredible bond as sisters and are best friends. 

Today, I am proud of the Mum that I am and I promise to keep trying my very best to always be the best Mum I can be.

Happy Mothers Day to all Mums, Mum-in-Laws, Grannies, Aunties, Godmothers, Mums who have lost and Mums who pray and wait to be Mums.

We spent our Mothers Day with gifts and breakfast in bed and then a wonderful lunch with both our Mums.

Cotton On Kids Critters

05 May 2016

It is no secret that Cotton On KIDS is my favourite clothing store for my girls - I just wish I could have one of everything, in every colour, for each of them (wishful thinking!)

Cotton On KIDS is excited to launch its new quirky range ensuring kids have the fun of dressing up as characters and little monsters while staying in-doors - especially as it starts to get cooler in Winter.

The Cotton On KIDS BEAR essentials range will be brought to life this May with the launch of their new Critters range, featuring fun prints and 3D critter details across KIDS and BABY while still painting the same great quality and price that Mums and Dads love.

I love the cosy characters including bears, foxes and cats and a few monsters for the boys. And the vanilla whites, pastel pinks, soft and graphite greys bringing a touch of magic with pops of colour and gold foil highlights are a must for a fun and bright little wardrobe.

The Critters range will launch on the 9th May 2016, and will be available in-store nationwide.
We cannot wait to get our little paws on these items.

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