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20 October 2014

JULIE KINS turns 2!

JULIE KINS specialises in a large range of printed wall art for children's bedrooms and as well as for the rest of the home.
All designs are customisable and each artwork is printed on a lovely matt heavyweight paper 300g smooth white for easy framing or a canvas option is now available.

The order process is simple: choose your design, colours and supply details, a visual is then emailed to you to approve and once payment i s made your order is processed for printing and dispatched within 7 - 10 working days.

JULIE KINS strives to make each order as perfect and personal as possible, so if you have your own idea, please feel free to email Julie Urbach on julie@justjools.co.za or call on 083 249 5652. JULIE KINS is available online UtiqueMy MunchkinSpree and Belong store at La Lucia Mall, Durban.

Pricing: Art Prints from R14 and Canvases from R380

Today, we are giving away these three gorgeous JULIE KINS prints to one lucky Ellie Love reader.

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Entries close and winner announced on Friday 24th October
Good luck 

Blogtober14: Your biggest fear

Your biggest fear

I have mentioned this in a blog post before - I'm not scared of many things - not scared of lions or elephants in the bush, I've been free diving with sharks, I don't mind spiders and creepy crawlies and I'm not scared of heights or flying etc. But two things that do terrify me are:

Snakes - those slimy, sly, sneaky and super dangerous creatures completely freak me out! it doesn't matter how big or small, thin or fat, poisonous or not - I hate them! And if I see one, I will disappear in seconds - as far as I can possibly run in the opposite direction! 

Death - unfortunately, I can't out run this one. It is inevitable. But knowing that I am going to lose loved ones one day is heart breaking and devastating for me. I cannot bare to think of living life without them... I am also scared of dying myself - I am a Christian and I believe in Heaven but I struggle to grasp the concept of a place I haven't seen or been to...

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Blogtober14: What makes you happy

19 October 2014

via Pinterest

What makes you happy

Darling daughters
Ice Cream
Manicures and pedicures
Chicken burgers
Party Planning
Blow drys
Coca Cola
Life Planners
Good books
And so much more...

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Blogtober14: Share a secret about you

18 October 2014

Share a secret about you

I am quite an open book - I don't have too many secrets.
But you may not know that...

I am as blind as a bat.
Yes, most people know that I used to wear glasses and now I wear daily contact lenses - but what you don't know is that without them, I cannot see! My prescription is so strong (I am almost 50% blind!)

And I hate it. 
It is so inconvenient - every night, I have to take my contact lenses out and then I cannot see. I hate that I cannot just run to a crying baby or that I would have to scramble for glasses if an intruder walked in. I hate that I can't open my eyes under water when I swim and that I have to wear goggles when swimming training.

It is also VERY expensive, and our medical cover (even being the best) only covers my contact lenses for 4.5 months of the year. It is such a waste!

Yes, I have though of laser surgery but I have to have a different form of surgery that BRUSHES your cornea whilst you are AWAKE!! Seriously - you try brush your eyeball with your toothbrush tonight and tell me how good it feels... Ouch! I'm a big baby.

Let's just pray that our girls have MC's 20/20 vision and aren't blind like me!

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Blogtober14: I'm an expert at...

17 October 2014

I'm an expert at...

Haha, don't laugh. It is so true.
Just ask my husband!

I don't think anyone can argue that sleeping is amazing.
I love a lazy sleep in in the morning, an afternoon snooze in the cool breeze and jumping into my warm, silky sheets at night.
Sleeping is a great hobbie, love language and favourite past time of mine.

Obviously, I would love to say I am an expert at something profound like numbers, giving advice, a special talent or something academic.
But I'm not! 

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