Blogtober14: Who would play you in a movie

26 October 2014

Who would play you in a movie

Oooh, this was exciting but also quite difficult - my final decision is: Reese Witherspoon. I think she's your typical blonde, girl-next-door and she seems like a lovely, kind and helpful person, a great mom and pretty too - all things I would love to be portrayed as.

I asked around and these are a few of the answers: Scarlett Johansen  Cameron Diaz and a few agreed with me and said Reese Witherspoon too.
I'm interested, who would you think should play me?

Who would you choose to play you?
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Blogtober14: Favourite Book

25 October 2014

Favourite Book 
Gone Girl

I'm sure this may be a favourite for many.
I was hooked, intrigued and just couldn't put it down. I had to keep going back for me - I love a good thriller and suspense.

This book was written so well and I was torn between my emotions and feelings for both characters - one minute, I felt sorry for her and the next for him. It really is a great lesson on a story having two sides, and things aren't always as they seem.

We watched the movie last week for date night, and I thought it was brilliant! The actors/actresses were cast perfectly.

What is your favourite book?
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Five on Friday

24 October 2014

Because Friday today means holiday tomorrow!
Link up with Christina and friends.

1. Holiday. Tomorrow, we jet set off to Texas, New York and London - just the two of us. I am really looking forward to a getaway with just my husband - we desperately need the quality time and we both need a good break!

2. Blate. I get to meet these three, fabulous ladies (and one little lady) in Texas - I am so excited!! The blogging world is a wonderful place to connect and engage with special people all over the world - and meeting them is a great opportunity too!

3. New York marathon. The main reason for our trip is to watch and support my little SIL running the New York marathon. I cannot explain how proud of her for training so hard and achieving so much in the short term that she has decided to start running. I cannot wait to cheer her on!

4. Wedding. Our main reason for our stop in London is to celebrate the wedding of these two friends: Chris & Charlotte. 

5. Niece!! Saving the best for last - our London stop over also means that we get to meet our darling niece, Florence Rose. We are going to London for Christmas and thought we would first meet her then at two months old but now we get to kiss and cuddle this little angel at almost brand new!

Happy weekend everyone, and hurry up tomorrow!

P.S. I'm not mentioning leaving my baby girls because then I will just cry...

Blogtober14: One beauty product you can't live without

One beauty product you cannot live without

This is a tough one because there are a few that I cannot live without - I've decided to share two:

Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse
This product is like no other. Never have I been able to remove make up like I can with this. It has passed the white-towel-test with flying colours. It feels so oily when applied but it removes all dirt and make up and leaves you feeling fresh and smooth.
I love it! 


My very favourite lip gloss that is silky smooth (not sticky!), stays on for longer and is the perfect colour - I use the second from the left). I was introduced to this gem a few years ago and now have all my friends hooked too!


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Blogtober14: Favourite Instagram Editing App

23 October 2014

Favourite Instagram Editing App

I don't really use too many editing apps. 
I only really use the two below and then the filter options in Instagram.

I prefer to take my pictures with Camera+ as it has many more editing functions than the standard camera.

I use Diptic for any collages - it has standard collage sizes and options.

What are your favourite editing apps? Don't forget to join in 'blogging every day in October' with Taylor and Helene.

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