4D Scan

09 April 2014

Pregnancies throughout the world are different. And tracking pregnancies also seems to be quite different in different countries, different cultures and across different medical schemes. 
Here in South Africa, we visit the gynae every 4 weeks - starting with our first check up and scan at 8 weeks, and then weekly in the last four weeks.
(Check up/scans include 8wk, 12wk, 16wk, 20wk, 24wk, 28wk, 32wk, 36wk, 37wk, 38wk, 39 wk and 40wk)

The first scan at 8wk is to find and listen to the heartbeat, the 12wk scan and blood test determines the risk of Downs Syndrome, the 16wk scan can determine the gender and the 20wk scan is an anomaly scan that measures all limbs and organs and will detect any major defects. Most hospitals and clinics also offer a cosmetic 4D scan around 28 - 32wk which allows you to see a very clear 4D scan of the baby's face.

A few weeks ago, we booked and attended our 4D scan but our stubborn little poppet decided to hide behind my placenta so we were unable to see any parts of its face. We were lucky enough to reschedule to last week and were greeted with a shy baby who showed a little of one side of its face, but after a can of sugary cool drink and bouncing on a yoga ball, we tried again and were greeted with the sweetest little face.

And just for the cutest comparison, this was little SJ's 4D scan...

Do you notice any obvious similarities or differences?


  1. So cute! 4D scans amaze me! You don't know the gender yet, right?
    Very exciting!

  2. I loved the week by week breakdown - something I didn't really know :) I only went for the 8week one....
    Cannot wait to "meet" baby Rosie who I am sure will be a cute little heartbreaker :)

  3. How special! It's amazing the clearness of those scans, technology these days! Your little bundle of joy looks adorable, as does SJ in her little ones. x

  4. I loved being able to see our little one in the 4D scan at 20 weeks. But here in the states (at least with my doctor) that is the last ultrasound we get until she arrives!

  5. Ahhh sweet pea is already just beautiful! I am getting more and more excited for you. Hope you are doing great friend!

  6. So incredible - I can definitely see a similarity in those sweet little noses! x

  7. WOW!! so incredible! I cannot believe how amazing these 4D scans are! x

  8. So sweet man! So interesting to know how often scans are and what they look for at each scan! :)


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